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Version: 1.6.3 || Release Date: 2009-08-29 || License: GPL Developer: Georg Kaindl | App Owner: gkaindl

App Update scans directories you specify for share- and freeware applications and looks for updates at, MacUpdate and VersionTracker. It will produce a tidy list of updates with links to the download pages. App Update comes with plenty of features such as Growl support, ability to manage application versioning data, support for preference panes, quicktime plugins and frameworks, and more. It also has a built-in help function that you can access at any time by pressing "Shift+H".

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doesn't seem to work with macupdate any longer.

rampancy: It seems to not allow characters (only numbers) in its saved versions, and also doesn't seem to handle multiple decimals in version numbers (e.g. ver1.3.234.133) well either.

What's annoying with this and with Widget Update is that they don't remember if they've been minimized between restarts; when I set it to appear in its most minimized state I find that after a reboot, the widget goes back to its full display.

Another problem is that it doesn't understand that some versions I have are newer than their listings on VT/MU. (i.e. if I have 1.5.1 of any given app, it'll think that 1.5.1b is newer.)

No worky for me. Only finds the same five apps/toolkits despite all settings being correct and plenty of old versions, and can't find any info about those five apps on the websites. No iUseThis either. baleeted

IMHO, in their current forms this widget is superior to AppFresh. Simple, lightweight, effective. Sorry, VersionTracker is a better resource for up to the minute application updates than iusethis is (until recently, iusethis had a weeks old Firefox version listed as the latest!).

This is a widget, AppFresh is an application.
This gives you links to the pages where downloads are stored (checks VersionTracker, MacUpdate, and I belive for updates), AppFresh attempts to download them itself (and is a bit of a pain when it can't).

And, personally, I've had more luck with this than with AppFresh, though AppFresh is catching up. This also finds more updates, and gets less incorrect, last time I compared the two, so that's a definite plus (AppFresh fails completely on almost half of my apps).

How is this compared to Appfresh?

1.5.3 fixes the crashes. This app is back on the I love this list!!

Used this app for a long time and finds it to be excellent, however, the 1.5.2 version crashes all the time on my MBP w 10.4.9.

Flat out awesome. I was looking for an app like this a while ago, too...

I do agree with stewacide, though, I'd prefer an actual app instead of a widget. That way, I don't need to have other widgets slowing stuff down.

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