Version: 1.7.6 || Release Date: 2010-04-02 || License: Commercial with demo ($29.95) Developer: Ideaswarm | App Owner: hananh

AppViz helps iPhone developers download and visualize their application sales.

AppViz helps iPhone developers download and visualize their application sales. Avoid the hassle of manual daily downloads. Instead, download your data from the web with the click of a button. Spend your time building applications, not spreadsheets.

  • Download from the web or import from existing files
  • Imports daily, weekly, monthly, and monthly free reports
  • Import any combination of reports; AppViz ignores duplicates and fills in any data gaps automatically
  • Currency conversion supports 44 currencies
  • Product dashboard gives you an overview of sales and trends
  • All products view allows you to see totals for and compare all your products in one place
  • Graphs view allows more in depth analysis with per country and custom date range filtering
  • View and sort reports by product with report summaries
  • Download and view the top reviews from 64 App stores around the world
  • Find out where your sales are coming from in the geographical report
  • Export original reports or an Excel compatible calculated daily report for integration with other reporting solutions
  • Your data is securely downloaded and kept on your hard drive; it never passes through a third party server. More info on security can be found in the faq.
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    3 Opinions

    I've been using this for ages. It's invaluable - the process of downloading all those endless reports and figuring out how much you've earned from what where is pretty much automated. I had a super-complex spreadsheet going before, it was 10x more work and gave me less information!

    it's not perfect mind - I'd like to see more threading on the downloads, or a daily background download perhaps. Still, these are minor things.

    Excellent app that I use everyday. Easily downloads and imports reports from your iTunes Connect account. Downloads reviews. If you have an app in the appstore this is an indispensable tool.

    Pretty useful,
    Would be good if it could download the reports and reviews in the background.