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Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2013-01-29 || License: Shareware ($49.99) Developer: Ohanaware Co., Ltd. | App Owner: rowlands

Prepare apps for the App Store & Mountain Lion

App Wrapper is much more than just a GUI interface for Apple's command line tools to codesign applications and build installers. App Wrapper can generate High Quality icons from transparent images, validate and install Apple Compatible Help, configure an Apple About Box, create Zip files, add important keys to plist documents and more.

  • Codesigning for both the Mac App Store & Mountain Lion.
  • Visual Sandbox Editor with Sandbox violation tracker.
  • Generates Retina High Resolution Application and AHIG conforming document ICNS files from virtually any transparent image file format.
  • Help inclusion and validation to simplify the process of adding help and to reduce potential errors.
  • Application Validation, will help reduce the likelihood of the application being rejected by Apple.
  • Debug Testing, with version 2.1 App Wrapper can intervene in the Real Studio run process and reduce time in debugging Retina & Sandboxed applications.
  • Visual UTI editor, making it much easier to add support for document packages.
  • Included simple plist editor for adding custom plist keys.
  • Can create Installer packages (for the Mac App Store) or Zip files for web site distribution.
  • Auto Saves and restores settings.

App Wrapper was made with Real Studio and was wrapped with App Wrapper.

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