Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2010-01-08 || License: Shareware ($12.95) App Owner: arne

Everybody loves the drag and drop nature of OS X. Drag an app into your applications folder, and it's installed. You'd think it would be that easy to delete an app - just a matter of dragging it to the trash. But it's not. Applications install preferences, caches, and other support files throughout your computer that take up space and generate clutter. Deleting these by hand every time you delete an app is a pain.

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This app is based upon a great idea, has an excellent UI and has developed a cult following - I wish I could say I love it! Sadly, it is over-priced for an under-performer. It often does not find all the related files to delete along with an app and sometimes it mistakenly identifies resources that belong to other apps. I am also puzzled by the sizes it reports for apps and files - they are invariably different to those reported by the finder or CleanApp.

Until this becomes full-featured, as opposed to simply flashy, I will stick with the freeware AppDelete, which for simple app deletion tends to do better at finding related files, albeit without all the bells and whistles. CleanApp, too, continues to innovate and offers more features than AppZapper. Let's see if all this competition can encourage the developers to make this all that it could (and should) be.

I don't know why people want to dole out $13 for a one-trick pony, when one could use TinkerTool System, which does this and SO MUCH more, for a mere 7 euros!

This is a great program. Using it once every 6 months or so to clean up my system.

Love it. Well worth the money through MacZOT!

While simply removing an app will uninstall it, there are package files, pref lists, and other support files that just trashing it won't find. They add up, though (unlike Windows) they don't seem to slow down the computer at all.

This also has the added use of almost always being able to re-set trial software for a new period ;)

Helped me clean out over 3GB of junked apps that had dug their way into my system. Bought it as soon as I zapped them all!

Should have been with osx, great app :D

Absolutely BRILLIANT.
Why isn't this already included in Mac OSX as standard?
Worth every penny

Wonderful interface, very usable. I love the zap effects!

the missing app in Macintosh.. so useful!

It's amazing.

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