Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2010-01-08 || License: Shareware ($12.95) App Owner: arne

Everybody loves the drag and drop nature of OS X. Drag an app into your applications folder, and it's installed. You'd think it would be that easy to delete an app - just a matter of dragging it to the trash. But it's not. Applications install preferences, caches, and other support files throughout your computer that take up space and generate clutter. Deleting these by hand every time you delete an app is a pain.

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I love getting zap happy with this app.

It'd be great if it could scan and zap the files that I have left over from apps I deleted before I bought AppZapper.

It became Dock-worthy after its first zap.

Absolutely essential for anyone who likes to play with new applications and wants their removal only a click and a zap away!

This is a really cool app and a great interface, and I mean no disrespect whatsoever to the developer, cause they did a great job. It just seems odd that this caught on like wildifire. I think the devs deserve props for their great efforts at promoting.

Thanks for the cool app.

This is excellent for removing all the extra stuff.

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