Version: 1.1b3 || Release Date: 2009-09-15 || License: Freeware Developer: Arcana Research | App Owner: christiango

StartupSound.prefPane is the software which controls the volume of the startup sound of your Macintosh computer. StartupSound.prefPane mute the startup sound without changing the output volume setting. And StartupSound.prefPane limits the startup volume so that it may not become loud even if you make the output volume louder. To set up the startup volume, you select the "Startup Sound" pane added to the "System Preferences."

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This worked great when I first installed it. Now I can't seem to get it to affect the volume anymore. I don't know if this is because of an update or some other 3rd party conflict. Reinstalling/changing the settings haven't helped so far. My most recent change has been to make it quiet instead of muted, but I haven't restarted yet to find out if that's changed anything.

Now, I feel much better when I reboot my iMac : )

Thanks go to the author for updating this preference pane to work under Snow Leopard (now able to run in 64-bit mode).

This little tool is very useful if you need to boot your laptop in places where loud dong! sounds are not appreciated. Libraries, for instance.

The last beta version (1.1b2) works fine on Intel Macs. No problems with Leopard either.

1.0 not working on Intel it seems.

Excellent for the few times that you need to reboot your mac.

The homepage says it's for powerpc only. Has anybody tried to run this on an intel mac?

Another one of those helpful apps that you install and forget about (and another that should elbow Apple in the ribs into putting a simple checkbox to do this in Sys Prefs!!) - it isn't until you physically jump when you turn on another Mac that you realise the true helpfulness of this.

I use this everyday.

My Mac is in my bedroom and it switches on at 6.41am every morning, so this is invaluable in making sure it doesnt wake-me up at the same time :-)
I like to have my machine ready and running when i finally scramble out of bed.