ARD Patcher

Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2008-07-07 || License: GPL Developer: Youssef Francis and Pepijn Oomen | App Owner: factoryjoe

patches the ARDAgent exploit

Due to an exploit in Apple's Remote Desktop Agent, a new 'trojan horse' has surfaced for Mac OS X; and with it, appeals from Anti-Virus software companies claiming you need to buy a product to protect yourself. The truth: this trojan horse, so far, has not been documented in the wild, and in fact, we find it highly suspicious that multiple Anti-Virus companies have been able to get a hold of it.

theiphoneproject is proud to bring you ARD Patcher, a small application that will patch the exploit, free-of-charge, as in reality its a simple patch that Apple will surly fix in an upcoming update. Getting an antivirus program is overkill in this situation, despite what all those companies will tell you.

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