Version: 60301 || Release Date: 2009-07-10 || License: Commercial with demo (free (beta) App Owner: tisoft_media

Arindal is a new European online fantasy roleplaying game for Mac and Windows-PC's. It is currently in an open beta phase. Adventurers, vagabonds, and wandering people of all races are cordially invited to take our young world to the test. At first, Arindal will be available in German, Dutch and French. Other European languages may follow later but there will not be an English version.

A remarkable aspect of this game is that from the first breath of your avatar, everything evolves around teamplay. The various races and classes combine their skills and talents to grow and survive in a dangerous world. It is all about sense of adventure, helping others, cooperation and heroism. Arindal is, in the first instance, a community-game and not a multi-ego-online-roleplaying game. Helped by the clear chat interface, whole groups can easily synchronize their actions and tactics, new players will find themselves involved quickly with clans or hunting parties.

Arindal wants to offer depth, instead of only having a broad world. A world which always contains new things to discover and to explore. Content instead of a nice wrapping. Graphics and animations are limited to a simple 2D environment, but this is more than enough to light the fire of your imagination, but not comparable with what the mainstream market offers.

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