Art Collector

Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2006-07-09 || License: Charityware App Owner: phillryu

Art Collector provides the ultimate, streamlined interface for users to find and apply album art to their music library, making the solution to the problem as simple as selecting your nude albums, and dropping in your preferred art from the selection Art Collector will automatically provide, courtesy of Amazon. And if you want to take a closer look at the art, a simple double click will open the image in Apple's Preview at full size.

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Unstable under 10.5.5. Couldn't get it to consistently work :( Shame as it seems like a good tool.

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License now changed to Charityware by Specere Software:


Handsome and useful app.

"Corripio" is free and gets high resolution covers.

The best album art downloader app ever. I've tried them all, and you can't beat this app's simplicity and price :)

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