ArtRage Free

Version: 2.5 || Release Date: 2007-11-20 || License: Freeware Developer: Ambient Design | App Owner: bleepnik

Release date: 08 November, 2006.

The free edition of ArtRage contains the features of ArtRage 1 + the speed/optimisation of ArtRage 2.

The 2.2 update includes the following new features:

- Felt pen options
- Magnified precise cursors
- Colour sampler option to sample true paint colour
- Progress bar when launching ArtRage by double-clicking a file.
- The "Show Panels" notice now fades out after a few seconds.

The 2.2 update includes the following bug fixes:

- Fixed a bug that was preventing the Enter key okaying dialogues on OS X.
- Fixed a bug that was causing strokes to shoot off down and right when using a Genius tablet on OS X.
- Fixed some bugs that could cause the layer stack to update incorrectly when Merge All Layers was selected, or after Undo.
- Fixed a bug that was causing ArtRage popup menus to behave incorrectly when they overlapped each other.
- Fixed a bug that could cause empty tool settings panels to appear if tool selection was changed while the interface was hidden.
- Fixed a rare crash bug encountered when opening some Photoshop documents.
- Adjusted Canvas Rotation so that rotate and zoom happen around the centre of the screen.

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