Version: 1.0.0 || Release Date: 2009-02-17 || License: Shareware ($19) Developer: Unifiq | App Owner: unifiq

A visual workspace to brainstorm, review and improve life goals and long-term plans.

Helps you visually brainstorm, prioritize, review, refine, track and improve your life goals and long-term plans. It will help you initially develop your long-term plans, and track and improve them over time. It will provide a place to keep ideas until you’re ready to use them. It will visually show you what you think is important. It will help you think about whether your daily busy-work is really supporting your life goals. Are you on track to achieve what you want? Are you wasting effort on unimportant things?

Aspire isn’t a daily task manager, though it’s a great complement to any system you might already use. Before diving into tasks, schedules and details, Aspire helps remind you of the big picture so you spend time on what’s truly important. Aspire is also methodology free; it won’t force you to adopt a new set of rules or rigid process.

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3 Opinions

love the idea of this, tho the actual theme of it makes it abit ugly, perhaps something thats more mac-ish ?

seems promising! finally someone tried to make a visual GTD tool. cool!

Looking very interesting and from the looks of it, it seems to very adaptable not only to personal life things, but for business strategy just as well.