Assignment Planner

Version: 3.2.6 || Release Date: 2009-02-17 || License: Shareware (8.00) Developer: Logan Design | App Owner: red5230

Assignment Planner is an application which allows you to keep track of homework assignments for a number of different courses. It includes features that allow you to display only those assignments that are yet to be completed, add information to all your assignments, courses and textbooks for reference, filter assignments by their type, color code assignments by a number of different criteria, and much more. Assignment Planner is a simple and easy-to-use application thats great for college or high school students.

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4 Opinions

I like this app except that it crashes quite frequently for me, rendering it unusable.

I used this for a while before I switched to Schoolhouse, which has many more features and has a better layout.

God, this program is so good. I cannot begin to tell you how easy this program is to use. Shell the cash out and buy it!

Great app. I got it from MacHeist, and it far surpasses the other apps I have tried (which include Task List, Schoolhouse, and iProcrastinate). It has by far the best interface of any of the previously mentioned apps, and it includes a great widget, which works way better than Task List's widget. Assignment Planner has several clever featured that competitors don't, such as custom fields, a textbook list, and the ability to add recurring items. Although I got it for free, this app is well worth the $5 extra cost over its free competitors. Download the trial, and you will be hooked.