Version: 2.7b || Release Date: 2011-08-19 || License: Freeware Developer: atPurpose Technologies | App Owner: setveo

Mac OS X system monitor and process explorer tool for developers and power users alike.

atMonitor is the most advanced monitoring tool for Mac OS X that displays system activity in real-time. It is designed to allow quick assessment of computer's state, but it is powerful enough to make it a core utility in anyone's system troubleshooting toolkit.

atMonitor offers a better alternative to Apple's own "Activity Monitor" and combines the best of the features of many other existing monitoring utilities. It also adds an extensive list of unique features of its own. In addition to the standard CPU, GPU, VRAM, FPS, Disk and Network info, atMonitor allows interaction with processes, setting up triggers, logging, purging RAM and much more.

There are three different ways atMonitor can display the monitored values:
- in the menu bar
- in the floating window on the desktop
- in the dock icon

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4 Opinions

App does WAY more than istat, just as configurable and just drag over a component and you see all the related info.

Definitely worth a try instead of istat imo.

iStat Menus is nice, but atMonitor does much more. It's more of an alternative to "Activity Monitor".

iStat shows another CPU temp then this app. I use iStat menus.

Nice monitoring app, though it gives me no real reason to use it over Activity Monitor/iStat/Instruments though… The Top Window should really be expanded into a more full-blown control point to make this a standout app. For starters, let us send a variety of SIGs, like HALT/CONT. Let me manipulate procs from Mini Top, let me add a second Mini Top to show 6 apps… Hopefully this app will improve…