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Version: 1.3.5 || Release Date: 2008-03-27 || License: Freeware Developer: Ben Borofka | App Owner: tbaschim

Import your Mac OS X Address Book into GMail
(Formerly AddressBookToCSV)

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8 Opinions

I used "Address Book to CSV Exporter" as it can also support addressbook groups.

Unfortunately it doesn't handle Unicode.

Good tool, it worked perfectly for me, including email addresses, geographic and notes, VERY easy to use!

Tried this recently and didn't like it. I found it only copies names and phone numbers: no email addresses, geographic address or other data. I prefer Address Book to CSV Exporter. That is a more polished application that exports more detail from Apple's Address Book.

Still doesn't support Unicode, causing a lot of encoding errors.

The homepage link leads to an error page but this link http://bborofka.com/atog/ works.


Awesome Tool ... to finally fill the loophole with Google apps and Gmail