Atomic View

Version: 1.1 || Release Date: 2008-09-02 || License: Commercial with demo (95€) Developer: AntZero | App Owner: bullaballoo

AtomicView is a digital asset manager (DAM) software.

Atomic View is:


AtomicView gets maximum benefit from the new generation of multicore processors to achieve exceptional levels of performance. It also allows you to work during file imports without freezing or slowdowns.
With its display system entirely based on graphics card GPUs, browsing your media library is extremely flexible.

Readable and intuitive

AtomicView is designed for the user who has a flexible interface with modular and dynamic work spaces.
Change the size of the window, and each space reorganises automatically. Switch from an overall view of your hierarchy to a selective full-screen view with a few mouse clicks.


The AtomicView interface plays the card of finesse and purity to show your visual work.

Save time and increase effectiveness by controlling all your multimedia projects from AtomicView

AtomicView is the indispensable tool for efficient management of digital files. Even though formats are increasing, the user has a rapid tool that allows him to organise and read photo, image, video and sound files.

The advantages of AtomicView in a view keywords
- Speed
- Elegance
- Variety of formats supported
- Clear and intuitive interface
- Modulable spaces
- Comprehensive support of metadata
- Flexibility of the hierarchy system
- Efficiency of the research system (boolean)
- Clear display of your work

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