Attachment Tamer

Version: 3.1.13 || Release Date: 2013-07-30 || License: Shareware ($14.99) Developer: Lokiware | App Owner: adno

Take control of attachments in Apple Mail.

Former name: Mail Attachments Iconizer

Attachment Tamer gives you control over attachment handling in Apple Mail. It fixes the most annoying Apple Mail flaws, ensures compatibility with other email software, and allows you to set up how attachments are displayed and sent.

Attachment Tamer can

  • display (and print) images, PDFs, audio and video as icons with an optional file size limit and exceptions;
  • send messages compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and other software, preventing the superfluous "ATT0001" attachments;
  • send images as regular attachments, making it easier for the recipient to manipulate the image files;
  • send images embedded in HTML layout and safely mix embedded images with other attachments;
  • display full attachment names regardless of length instead of truncated names;
  • automatically display attachments at the top of messages;
  • prevent unwanted image resizing or set a default size for automatic image resizing.

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14 Opinions

This plugin rocks. And yes, I came back to IUSETHIS just to say that.

I registered an account here just to plug Attachment Tamer (aka Mail Attachments Iconizer).

Adam's done a great job with it, it gets rid of all the issues you encounter with stupid Outlook-style attachments, and it's priced quite reasonably. For $15, you can save your email sanity!

Bought a licence some time ago as I was just sick to the back teeth of the excessive space that was being used by all the images I was receiving (and sending).
Adam's done a great job with this plug and sending the new v3 at no cost was just the cherry on top!

Until now I didn't know how useful can be to take control over the appearance of received attachments in Mail app. Simple, convenient features, works. I like it. Thanks to developer.

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