Version: 2.1.1 || Release Date: 2009-03-14 || License: Freeware Developer: Valentin Vassilevski | App Owner: typetrainer

A multilingual typing tutor for Mac OS X.

aTypeTrainer4Mac is a multilingual typing tutor for Mac OS X. It is an advanced version of TypeTrainer4Mac. All the system keyboard layouts (but not input methods!) as well as a wide variety of non-system keyboard layouts (i.e. Dvorak, Colemak or custom layouts being built using Ukelele) are completely or partially supported.

You have to type a mixed-string of random characters. You can customize a character set at each of the 30 levels, and thus, you can control the learning process. You can also import texts from TextEdit, from Mail or from your web browser. Each session provides two run logs, one in RTFD format and one in HTML format. By default, you will find them on your desktop. In the Preferences, you can adjust a host of settings to make your typing exercises to your liking.

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3 Opinions

I don't understand why this can't provide longer strings for the basic practices.

Really great. Donated !

Fan.Tas.Tic! Donated.