Version: 3.1.2 || Release Date: 2016-05-03 || License: Freeware Developer: Valentin Vassilevski | App Owner: typetrainer

free multilingual typing tutor for Mac OS X.

All system keyboard layouts (but not input methods!) as well as a wide variety of non-system keyboard layouts (i.e. Dvorak, Colemak or custom layouts being built using Ukelele) are completely or partially supported.

You have to type a mixed-string of random characters. You can customize a character set at each of the 30 levels, and thus, you can control the learning process. You can also import texts from TextEdit, Mail or Safari. Each session provides a run log in RTFD-format. By default, you will find it on your desktop. In the Preferences, you can adjust a host of settings to make your typing exercises to your liking.

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aTypeTrainer4Mac 3.0 is released on 2016-04-19

New in this version:

- aTypeTrainer4Mac works under Mac OS X 10.11 now
- minor improvements

I don't understand why this can't provide longer strings for the basic practices.

Really great. Donated !

Fan.Tas.Tic! Donated.