Version: 1.0fc3 || Release Date: 2007-10-27 || License: Freeware Developer: Vaughn S. Cordero | App Owner: norzzron

AudioBinder (AB) began as a front-end application for Apple's ChapterTool utility* and is now all that and then some. AudioBinder allows you to easily create AAC files that have chapter markers and embed links and graphics.
Audio tracks prepared in this manner allow for gapless playback in iTunes, Quicktime Player and on selected iPods. These files also allow for gapless burning in iTunes!
AB facilitates a host of methods for assembling the files required as well as previewing/editing.

The registered version of AudioBinder allows unfettered embedding of images and hyperlinks as well as other convenient features. Perfect for Enhanced Podcasts! For example,your Podcast can include product images and a link for purchasing or further info. This is just one of many possibilities.

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Note: release date of 1.0fc3 is 2005-09-20.