Audio Hijack Pro

Version: 3.0 || Release Date: 2015-01-20 || License: Shareware ($32) App Owner: rogueamoeba

With Audio Hijack Pro, you can create enhanced podcasts, with audio from many sources, record streaming radio, record audio chats, save audio from records (LPs), cassette tapes, and other analog sources.

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Can mute the audio output of a specific app: useful to mute the ads that play before a video on video streaming sites (eg: on youtube)

Useful for controlling the individual volume levels of apps - I use it to boost levels in final cut.

This is a really useful app, great for grabbing bits of streaming audio, or scheduling live broadcasts. The Pro version allows you to set lots of stuff and do some processing with its support for plug-ins. The Skype capture with one channel for the sender and the other for the receiver is very useful.

Really, really useful app. Wouldn't be without it.

Awesome scheduling features. I use it every morning to record the news before I get up. I sync up my iPod before I leave the house and listen on the subway. It's like TiVo for internet radio.

I used to use Ambrosia's WireTap, but this has so many more options, including the Karaoke filter I could previously only find in the (discontinued) app Audion. The interface is nicer, too.

moshisushi: unless the DRM cripples your entire system :P

But yes, fantastic app that really hijacks the audio from other apps directly. Say goodbye to horrible rerecordings that involve aiming a mic at your speakers.

And the free demo generously lets you record up to 10 minutes at a go, which is more than enough for most songs.

Essential if you listen to anything on your Mac. Worth every penny thousands of times over.

Totally awesome. I use it to record foreign radio stations for listening practice.

Can be used to improve sound quality of downloaded music, although this does remove the DRM :-)

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