Version: 3.0.2 || Release Date: 2006-07-11 || License: Freeware App Owner: deadwriter

Record, play, encode, edit, mix, manage, and visualize audio files. This was once a pay application, but they offer for free now.

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The story behind it:

I think we need an "I used this" button for programs like these. I loved Audion and used if for many years.

i would travel back in time to the middle ages and pillage a small village for a universal binary release of audion.

dupe comment, my bad

as a multi-functional audio player, editor and transcoder, this app is quite useful... even charming in a sense [if one could call software charming]. if this only supported video playback as well, then i would have it set as my default media player, rather than vlc.

This was the best MP3 player available in the late 90s. Panic Software is a great company.

I used to use this, back when iTunes was crappy and slow. Now iTunes (for me anyway) has eclipsed the need for this.

This is now a free application! This program records, plays and encodes audio into a few formats, including MP3. It can handle and encode streams. It is no longer under development, but is very much like WinAmp on steroids.