Version: 1.01 || Release Date: 2008-09-02 || License: Freeware Developer: alphakanal | App Owner: stiwi

Automat is a polyphonic stereo subtractive AudioUnit synthesizer. It features antialiased oscillators with hard-sync, filters and amplifier with ADSR, modulators with tempo sync, waveshaper / eq, stereo-delay with filter and tempo sync, modulated chorus phasor and reverb, poly- unisono and legato-mode, random preset generation, midi learn.

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Do you plan to make PC version???
Thanks in advance

How do I use previous presets in 1.0?

After installing another plugin, automat is now passing validation. I am an amateur DSP programmer and as such, I can say that automat is quite an achievement.

I agree with the above posts. I have tried numerous softsynths including name-brand emulations. Unfortunately, I have been unable to install the newest version on my powerpc quad g5 running 10.5.2. Logic Pro 8 reports that the plugin "crashes validation". Any one else had this problem?

One of the best Audio Unit synths available Period. If you don't agree download it again and take a better look. You really didn't see last time.

This is probably the best free AudioUnit instrument I've come across. Getting better and better in each iteration, it's perfectly comparable to a lot of commercial plugins out there.