Version: 1.23 || Release Date: 2009-12-30 || License: Shareware ($34.99) Developer: Tech Pty Ltd | App Owner: cobold0815

Automaton is the one OS-X utility that you can’t do without.

Automaton is four tools in one, each of which is indispensable.

AutoTyper: AutoTyper is a classic typing saver program. It can replace what you've typed into any other application with some different text.

AutoFiler: AutoFiler keeps your files and folders organized according to your own preset rules.

Anytime you find yourself repeating the same actions with your files over and over, you can make it into a rule and let AutoFiler do it for you.

You could automatically empty files from your trash when they've been sitting there for a week.

You could mark red in the finder recently downloaded files in your Downloads.

Create "dropzone" directories. Anything you drop in a particular directory gets backed up, or archived, or securely deleted, or whatever you can think up!

AutoFiler also comes with Application clean-up rules. When you drag an application to the Trash, AutoFiler will prompt you and ask if you want to also trash its configuration files

AutoClips: You copied something to the Pasteboard several pastes ago, and now you want to get access to it. Hit Option-Command-V and cycle through the last 20 or more things you pasted to the clipboard, whether they be text or images.

Manually set up your own sets of clips that you can access either from the menu or with a custom hot key.

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