Autopano Pro

Version: 2.6 || Release Date: 2012-07-08 || License: Shareware (119 USD) Developer: Kolor, France | App Owner: garrulus

Create panoramas with only one button. You don't need to select pictures anymore, you don't need to take care about horizontal or vertical lines. Autopano finds and assembles panoramas alone.

It's unbelievably fast, has a strong recognition engine based on SIFT technology, an exclusive color correction system which totally removes colors differences between pictures, and for the first time in the world, full support for HDR stitching.

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3 Opinions

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Interface is week due to it's java heritage - but it produces awesome results. Far and away one of the best tools to create panoramas.

I tried out this app and I gotta say that I'm mightily impressed! I took a bunch of photos of a scene and thought I'd see what sort of mess I ended up with by throwing them in AutoPano Pro, but without any intervention on my part, it joined them all together perfectly. I didn't know photo stitching had advanced this far!

There are a few niggles though. Lots of the UI is still in French which is a little confusing (but still usable). It probably won't win any prizes for being the prettiest UI either. At 99 Euro it is a bit pricey too, but I highly recommend this app if you're looking at doing a few panoramas. Check out the gallery on the website for some good examples.