Version: 1.02 || Release Date: 2011-12-31 || License: Other Open Source Developer: MEA Mobile | App Owner: meamobile

Add retro analog love to your digital library with AutoValve

Add retro analog love to your digital library with AutoValve. Bring back the glory days of tube analog to the palm of your hand with real time vinyl, reel to reel and 8 Track effects. Hear the needle drop; snap, crackly pop your tunes library back to life. Dock your ipod and watch classic VU Meters bounce with vintage glory. AutoValve allows you to choose from multiple vinyl samples and mix it to your liking. Choose analog reel to reel and dial in that beautiful hiss you grew up on. Take a trip to the drive in and enjoy the ambience of that big metal mono speaker in your car window along with the sounds of summer. Choose a 60's or 70's skin to transport you back to your favorite classic decade. Glowing tubes, bouncing meters, knobs and switches like your know and love! AutoValve your iPod today!

• Real Time Audio Filters
• Accesses Your iPod Tunes
• Functioning Meters
• Retro 60’s & 70’s Skins
• Transport Control
• Real Time Audio Controls
• Bypass Option

- Tap the # on the side of the dials for faster knob turning.
- Swipe bottom meter for transport controls and other options.

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