Version: 6.0 || Release Date: 2014-11-15 || License: Shareware ($6.99) Developer: Embraceware | App Owner: jerrybrace

Awaken is a digital alarm clock that wakes you up by playing the iTunes playlist of your choice or choose from a selection of built in alarm sounds. Alarms can be created to alert you on a weekly basis at a set time, or at any specific date and time. You can also fall asleep to your favorite music using the newly introduced sleep timer.

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@parasight - You can see that your feedback has been a big part in our latest 4.1 demo video:

@parasight - Thank you very much for your feedback. All three items are great ideas and will be addressed in future updates to Awaken. We are currently busy working on Awaken 4.1 - which may incorporate some of your suggestions. Email our support team at [email protected] anytime with feedback/questions/suggestions. I got your reply on my twitter as well :)

Awaken is a really nice app, but creating a new one-time alarm takes too long. There are some options that are not default, but should be:

1. The playlist should be the same one I selected the last time. This seems to work for the sleep timer, why not for regular alarms?

2. Occurrence: why is "weekly" the default? After the initial setup, how often do you add weekly alarms?

3. What is the most important feature of any alarm? The time it goes off. I can set my old-school table alarm easily for the next day. Ideally, I should be able to enter the time I want to be woken up, and leave the rest as is. Awaken would then ring at the next occurrence of that time, so I wouldn't even need to worry about setting the right date.
Idea: Make the time field the first one, larger than the others. Also, title is a very secondary feature if it's not a weekly timer you're creating. It doesn't need to be the first field.

Just my 2 cents worth, but I think changing these defaults could make Awaken much quicker to use. I'd love to hear your opinions.

i really enjoy the sleep function, i like to fall asleep listening to podcasts, and i like having awaken turn my computer off for me.

it really feels like a Mac App. I love it.

Doesn't really work for me. It just suddenly wakes up my Macbook in the middle of the night, and me at the same time...

Wonderful little application. I have been using it for close to a year and maybe only two or three times something happened and the alarm didn't sound. I haven't been using it in conjunction with iTunes because, as Jerry says, sometimes iTunes does not play well together with other applications. But when Awaken can play my music directly (as promised in 4.1), I will certainly be getting up to music instead of alarm sounds.

Another feature that Jerry says he is working on and I hope he incorporates soon, is the ability to choose an audio output. This would be a fantastic feature for me. My main audio system uses the optical output on my computer. I always turn the main system off at night and switch the sound output to my USB speakers (which turn on with the computer) so that Awaken has speakers to play on. If I could set Awaken to use the USB speakers, I would not have to remember to make the audio switch at night time.

I've been using Awaken for 4 weeks now - I am loving it. It wakes me quite reliably in the mornings and 4.1 will be rock solid since it will play outside of iTunes. I use the egg timer often to remind me when I need to do things (like check the stove or go get kids).
It has a great GUI, and is fast to set up. It works quietly in the background till needed.The developer is responsive and open to suggestions and he fixes bugs quickly.

@mortimer - maybe I'm not finding the same Aurora as you but, when I did a search for that I came up with Aurora with a 14 day limitation that's lifted if you pay 15 Euro (~$22) which appears to be what the iusethis link shows now as well.

Awaken's been a little buggy for me but I'm going to keep giving it a shot for now.

great app. all its shortcomings are not its own fault, but that of using your computer as your sole alarm clock in the first place. its damn pretty. nice to see when you're getting up in the am ;)

I don't take advantage of its spiffy remote perks but i'm sure they're nice.

I'm definitely a fan. The app is great. You can't beat free updates for life. I use it every day to wakeup and sometimes during the day to remind me about things. Their user support is excellent. I've sent a few emails to them today and I received a response back from Jerry Brace (the developer of the software) within 2 minutes! I'm sure your results will vary with that on his busier days but you gotta love quick responses!

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