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The reigning heavy-weight BitTorrent champion. There are smaller and prettier Bittorrent clients out there, but none are as feature-complete, and none have Azureus's library of available plugins. The Firefox of BitTorrent clients.

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Great and feature packed.
The main problem is that is resource heavy and quite slow to start up..probably because it is a java based program.

It also comes "out of the box" with absolutely the worst settings available. The settings are so bad that you'll probably get slow download speeds and poor connections regardless of how good the torrent is.
The four things to fix (absolutely Essential) before you start using are (in Options):
1 specify a different port and forward your router correctly (something in the 40000-60000 range should do)
2 alter your transfer settings to get good speeds
3 alter your Ignore->seeding->Ignore rules
4 Change this little known problem in the (advanced mode) Connection->advanced network settings->Max Simultaneous Outbound Connection Attempts from the default <10 to something like 80... to find out more about this particular problem, copy and paste this linkµtorrent as the "mu" symbol is not transferred correctly into the link when I try to include it as one in this comment.

With these simple changes (follow the links to learn more about them), you'll get extremely fast downloads. My friends who use PC's have similar download speeds on PC only torrent progs that match mine now.

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Overall, slow to startup due to it being Java based, but has so many tweakable options that you can end up with the fastest downloads of any other torrent prog for the mac (and no tracker bans either )

Lots and lots of options, and as you're probably realizing by reading other comments, it's a huge resource hog. Why oh why does it have to be Java-based?
If you need more specific controls over what you're downloading and how, this is THE app for you. But it's a beast.

I used to use it, but I've transferred torrenting to my server-PC using uTorrent. Compared to uTorrent, it has noticeably slower downloads and doesn't find anywhere near the peers. I compare all torrent apps to that.

Resource hungry, but I've done tests (downloading the same file from the same comp at about the same time) and this has always been faster than any of the native Cocoa torrent apps. I love it, even with it's problems. It also gives me all the geeky info on the download that I love.

the 2.5 update is now very usable on my powerbook. resource use is way down and the gui looks a bit cleaner.

I'm not a big fan due it its Java bloatedness but Azureus is the only Mac client that actually has features I would deem important, like the individual selection or prioritisation of files.

It doesn't help that Transmission is banned from several trackers for abusing the BT protocol and hammering trackers. I'd love to switch if the devs grow up.

Until then, it's Azureus for me.

There is an universal binary version for Intel Macs at

Azureus is so huge and Transmission so tiny..

Its a bit bloated compaired to whats being offered on the Windows side, but it has all the options you could ever want. A must have app for OS X

I prefer Transmission, but sometimes I need the features of Azureus. Hopefully something will get more options.

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