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The reigning heavy-weight BitTorrent champion. There are smaller and prettier Bittorrent clients out there, but none are as feature-complete, and none have Azureus's library of available plugins. The Firefox of BitTorrent clients.

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I would suggest merging Azureus and Vuze iusthis pages.

It can get confusing since Vuze is the new Azureus.

Vuze is an excellent torrent client for mac users.

uTorrent is the best torrent app for Windows. It's lite and fast. For Mac we have Azureus and Transmission. The first one is JAVA, so it's bloated and consumes lots of RAM. Downloads are a little faster than Transmission, but keep in mind torrents are more seeds-dependent .
Transmission has the best GUI of all, lacking the speed of uTorrent for PC.

quit using it ever since this Vuze BS came along the program has been on a downhill slope the latest update was just the straw that broke the camels back write good software that's functional not a clunky bombardment of my personal media collection that spews crap media at me every time i launch it.

new version is too slowww...

I was looking for a better alternative for Azureus, that still had the convenience of the RSS Feed Scanner for automatic TV show downloading and the ip-blocking of SafePeer, and now finally there is a combo that can do this without the java-bloat of Azureus:

Azureus => Transmission
SafePeer => PeerGuardian (background process)
RSS Feed Scanner => TVShows (background process)

That's the thing with Azureus all summed up: it's feature packed and cross platform, but it's a real bruiser for a torrent app. I'm looking forward to more of its features and plugins being integrated into native Mac clients to get the best of both worlds.

But Azureus is always there in case you need what only it can give, and for free too, so I'm thankful for that.

It's in Java because unlike other programming languages, Java is the easiest to port from Windows to Linux to Unix to OSX

3.0 is the ugliest thing i've ever seen

3.0 is out and if they make no plans to change the gui then I'm sure I'm sticking with 2.5.0. The zudeo integration is kind of obnoxious, kind of neat.

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