Version: 2.5.2 || Release Date: 2009-08-02 || License: Freeware App Owner: djmac317

Have you ever wanted an easy way to backup all the important files in your home folder? Are you tired of sifting through the Library directory to find the folders you need to backup? Let's say you just want to backup your Apple Mail database file, not all you have to do is click the "Apple Mail" checkbox and click "Backup". Supported important files include:
- Apple Mail Files
- MS Entourage Files
- iCal Calendars
- Address Book database
- Safari, Firefox, Camino bookmarks
- iPhoto and iTunes Libraries
- iWeb website files
- Home Documents folder
- Preferences, Widgets, Keychain files
- Full home folder backup.

BackityMac is the easy solution for backing up your most important files. Simply click one of the presets on the side or add your own files. BackityMac will then make a disk image of those files ready for restore when you need them most.

Included with BackityMac is a method to burn your backups to CD or DVD, BackityMac will automatically chop the images into sections big enough to fit on the proper media.

Did you forget to backup your iTunes Library, and lost everything. Oh, and did you forget to backup your iTunes Library? Well, technically you already have a backup, your iPod. Simply connect your iPod, enable disk use in iTunes and click "Import". BackityMac will automatically pull your songs off your iPod and put them back in your iTunes Library.

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5 Opinions

free iBackUp for the win!

If you got .MAC you can also use "BACKUP", which lets you save via QuickPicks - nice and simple and if you have .MAC then you can download BACKUP for free from the .MAC Website

I use BackityMac to transfer my folders to many computers. Very handy.

This is shareware, not freeware; CD/DVD burning capabilities are only available if you've paid for it.

I love the simplicity... and the backups work out fine... except I have recurring restore problems... it always quits with some type of overflow error, and then I have to restore by hand.