Version: 3.1.2 || Release Date: 2007-10-25 || License: Commercial with demo ($99/yr.) Developer: Apple, Inc. | App Owner: akseez

With Backup 3, protection is easy to set up and schedule so backups can happen automatically, without your constant attention. Built-in Tiger Spotlight makes it easy to select exactly the files you want to back up.

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as with any backup, don't rely on only

Apple has updated it since all those articles were written (3/1/2007)

Don't use this software. It does not work. Really.

I used the most recent version and lost a lot of data that could not be recovered.

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There have been many narrated tales of Apple Backup going awry. Consider using another solution, anything except this one. Apparently, Apple Backup is very good at backing up data, but unable to properly restore.

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It's a decent, fairly simple to use backup program that allows scheduling and backing up to multiple types of media. It serves me quite well and as long as it's included in my .Mac subscription I'll continue to use it. Prior to version 3, though, it was pretty bad.