Version: 2.7 || Release Date: 2015-04-11 || License: Shareware (10 USD) Developer: soma-zone | App Owner: somazone

Analyze, browse and restore Time Machine backups

With BackupLoupe you are able to answer questions like
  • Why does Time Machine take so long to back up my files?
  • Which files are actually being backed up?
  • How many revisions of a file/folder exist in Time Machine?
  • A file/folder was deleted accidentally. When did this happen and where is the latest backup?
  • Is my backup drive big enough? Should I consider buying a larger one? And if yes, when?
  • Quickly identify the items which take up the most space
  • History: Show how many versions of an item are available and when they were saved; Quick navigation between versions
  • Integration with other applications via System Services: Click on an item in Finder to find all its revisions
  • Drag&Drop restore items to any location
  • Finder / Path Finder integration (Reveal, Info)
  • QuickLook support
  • Provides extensive statistics about backups
  • Instant identification of file type while browsing
  • Open files directly without restoring them first
  • Find function, which works without the backup drive being connected
  • Browse backups while the backup device is not connected
  • Exclude items from future backups on the fly (without opening TM preferences)
  • Handles multiple Time Machine disks
  • Handles backups in non-standard locations

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8 Opinions

Great complement to Time Machine - lets you browse through your time machine backups to see what's taking up all your disk space. Simple, and well executed. Well worth $5!

After upgrading to version 2, BackupLoupe works far better than version 1.
Highly recommended!

1. It can automatically scan snapshots.
2. Scanning snapshots is done background, so while the software is scanning the backup disks, you can also explore other snapshots to find which files take up large space of your disk.

Tried many times to get it working on my wifi time machine (802.11n), but its just too slow. I've let it sit working for up for 20 minutes, and it still doesnt provide anything to show. Maybe would work better on an attached drive

Update #2:
I emailed the developer and he responded that he was working to get the page to display in English. He sounded sincere. I am no longer concerned that his site is a scam.

I got the English PayPal page by clicking on Kaufabwicklung fortsetzen on the German page, which took me to a page with a form. I entered USA where it asks for Land. This took me to an English page where I entered my username and password to pay. PayPal emailed me that the transaction had taken place.

I tried to purchase the app and was taken to a paypal site that was in German. When I tried to translate the site with Google, I was told that the URL is bogus.

This is a really cool app that (finally) lets you browse Time Machine backups in a way that's consistent with the rest of the Mac GUI. As a technician I expect to be using this regularly.

This app easily gives you the "what" to go along with the "when" for TimeMachine backups. Very nice!