Version: 4.0 || Release Date: 2009-05-11 || License: Commercial with demo (79 &eu) App Owner: herr_sin

Mit Bank X haben Sie Ihre Bankkonten und Finanzen stets unter Kontrolle und jederzeit im Zugriff. Die Kontenauszüge werden dauerhaft gesichert und stehen so noch Monate später zur komfortablen Suche und Auswertung zur Verfügung. Überweisungen und Lastschriften erledigen Sie mit wenigen Handgriffen bequem an Ihrem Mac. Dazu ist keine ständige Internetverbindung erforderlich.

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I like BankX! I use it to check my Girokonto and my Tagesgeldkonto (moneymarket and currents account) with GLS (a Bank from the Volks- and Reiffeisenbank)

Yes, it´s in German and works only with the German banking system. And its interface looks fairly rubbish. But if you happen to be German you could do a lot worse than to conduct your financial matters with the help of Bank X.

Actually, the program works only with the German banking system (maybe some other European systems, as well). In Germany - as far as I understand it - law requires a one time pad (TAN) in addition to LOGIN/PWD for online banking, which this program can manage for you, i.e. you enter your one-time pad and can then execute a certain number of transactions such as money transfers etc..

Even though the program is designed for the German market and I speak German, I agree with groxx: the description should have been posted in English, if for no other reason than common courtesy towards the users of this site.

Perhaps because it's a German program ;) I didn't see any english version, or even an english link anywhere (though it's entirely possible I just missed it).

That aside, many thanks for the english translation!

here's the description translated into english. i don't understand why people don't post things in english here, as it should be:

"With Bank X you've got all your finances and bank accounts under control and always at your fingertips. The account statements are saved permanently so you can look at them for months and months. Transfers can be done with a few mousecliks conveniently on your mac. You don't even need to be permanently connected to the internet for that."

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