Version: 1.5.3 || Release Date: 2009-08-05 || License: Shareware ($20) Developer: MildMannered Industries Limited | App Owner: mildm8nnered

Superfast disk scanning. Compare your disk against saved baselines, and view only the items that have changed. Delete, Compress, or Archive items to save space.

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@mildm8nnered @tbrizitsky Thanks for your replies. :)

As the homepage and download seems to be unavailable for many months now, here are two alternatives:
Space-In-Time and maybe du2rrd (perl unix)

@norz yes. One may aoso mention Filelight/Baobab.
We have already created a <i>slightly</i> similar app, DaisyDisk. Not freeware, but has its own strenghts :)

Nice app, I bought it. But the map representation of Disk Inventory X is beter.

I love baseline. It is fast and very useful.
As it seems the developer is listening to this thread: What about archiving items to a custom location (e.g. move item to archive -> burn it to disk). This would be a killer option.

@ tbrizitsky:
You're talking about Steffen Gerlach's scanner?

Looks interesting, but definitely lacks graphical representation mode. Scanner for Windows is a great tool to compare.

Baseline is not freeware!
The introductory price is $10 until the end of November. Probably more after that date.

Hi Norz,

glad you found Baseline useful. We'll definitely look at adding your request in a future version (I am the developer of Baseline).


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