Version: 1.6 || Release Date: 2009-03-04 || License: Other Open Source Developer: MK&C | App Owner: markonen

BaseTen is a new, open source Cocoa database framework for working with PostgreSQL databases. BaseTen has been designed with familiar, Core Data -like semantics and APIs.

The BaseTen feature highlights include:

  • BaseTen Assistant imports Core Data / Xcode data models
  • Discovers the database schema automatically at runtime, including 1-1, 1-many and many-many relationships
  • Database changes are propagated to clients automatically, without polling
  • In-memory database objects are uniqued, and objects fetched via relationships are faults by default
  • Support for RDBMS features like database-driven data validation, multi-column primary keys and updateable views
  • Autocommit and manual save/rollback modes, both with NSUndoManager integration
  • A BaseTen-aware NSArrayController subclass automates locking and change propagation
  • Fetches are specified with NSPredicates (the relevant portions of which are evaluated on the database)

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