Version: 1.6.3 || Release Date: 2010-06-27 || License: Freeware App Owner: nullotheist

BatChmod is a Cocoa utility for manipulating file and folder privileges in Mac OS X.

It allows the manipulation of ownership as well as the privileges associated to the Owner, Group or others.

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Absolute must for the Mac power-user or SysAd. Used to use this loads, haven't come across the need to recently, but no doubt will again in the near future.

I added this. The version IS 1.37, not 1.3.7.
I also tried to upload the icon, as a JPEG, GIF, and native ICNS file. All were rejected by, so I quit wasting my time trying.
If someone, somewhere, posted the requirements for the file, I might find time for it, 'til then, cope.

The best app ever made!

A simple and excellent tool with many benefits... but also with many dangers. If you don't know what you're doing, please do your homework before modifying permissions on your folders.

This one should have additional more general tags, like "system" and "utility". Also, the version line should be "1.3.7" instead of "1.37", and the user who added this should add an icon and a screenshot.

aye, i dont know of a better tool with similar function!

I work as a Mac based System Administrator, and often time BatChmod is the fastest easiest way to alter permissions and group permissions after things like Migrating a user to a new Mac, moving a shared folder on a server to new hardware and so on...