Version: 0.95 || Release Date: 2009-10-12 || License: Freeware Developer: Mike Rundle | App Owner: factoryjoe

An innovative new Twitter client made exclusively for the Mac.

Key features:

  • Reply to tweets without leaving your timeline
  • Quick profile view
  • Integrated click-through tracking data for shortened URLs
  • Beautiful, Mac-like interface

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3 Opinions

@ brh:
Yes, I did save my account's user name and password in the preferences. But even that way, when I launch Beak, it always displays a message saying that the password has been lost (or something like that).
No problem... It's not even version 1.0. I believe those (little) bugs will be corrected in future versions.
Let's hope the developer hears our "prayers" about the menubar item...

@el_cravito - Agree with your latter point totally. For the former, did you go into the preferences and save an account in there, and tell it to default to that account? Not an elegant way of doing this (IMO, the first account you use should automatically default, unless opted out of), but that definitely works for me...

Not up to the level of Tweetie (I.M.H.O.), but promising.
However, it's still too buggy. As this stage of evolution (v. 0.90), it can't even remember my account's password to login automatically.
How about a menubar item with a hotkey to activate the window? If it is going to be open all the time, I think there's no need for a Dock icon.