Version: 4.0.3 || Release Date: 2014-05-18 || License: Shareware ($31.95) Developer: Tagtraum Industries, Inc. | App Owner: yablo

build better playlists

How well organized is your iTunes Library? Are your artists always spelled the same way? Any R.E.M. vs REM? beaTunes can easily fix this and other problems with its unique inspection feature (license required for applying one-click solutions).

Could your last mix CD’s song order use some improvement? Let beaTunes re-arrange your playlist for you!

Always wondered how you could take advantage of the BPM (beats per minute) field in iTunes? Let beaTunes fill in the blanks and help you while DJ’ing at your next party. Here are some more examples of what you can do with beaTunes:

  • Automatically determine BPM (beats per minute) and store the result in iTunes
  • Automatically import lyrics from
  • Automatically detect the musical key your songs are in
  • Sort existing playlists so that matching songs succeed each other
  • Many more features

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5 Opinions

Forget about it and download iTunes 9, unless you are a DJ and wants exact bpm mixing.

beaTunes is a Java application, so I hope it's right for me to call it Universal.

well, my question is: does this support something else than mp3 ? because their homepage doesn't tell! i have huge amounts of vorbis and other fileformats.

Full version costs $19.95, demo expires after a week.

Supposed to be great for bpm too.