Version: 4.0 || Release Date: 2011-03-18 || License: Commercial with demo ($49) Developer: FileMaker, Inc. | App Owner: factoryjoe

Bento... The new personal database from FileMaker that’s as easy to use as a Mac. Bento organizes all your important information in one place, so you can manage your contacts, coordinate events, track projects, prioritize tasks, and more — faster and easier than ever before.

  • Bring It All Together: From contacts and calendars, to projects and events, you can organize just about every type of information you have — all from one place.
  • See Things Your Way: Just drag and drop or point and click to change the look of any form, and see information in a way that makes sense to you. Now seeing, searching, and sorting your information is simpler and faster than ever before
  • Designed For Leopard: Bento has direct links to the Mac OS X Address Book and iCal, and takes advantage of many new features of Leopard, including core animation, advanced find, Time Machine, backups, and multimedia features.

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Not bad, but it isn’t really convenient for everyday use or for large collections. It feels oversized - like a large and shiny coffee table book when it is nothing more than a small notebook. Yes, it is very versatile, but not handy.

I really like Bento for use in my small business and because of it's flexibility I've been able to put it to good use across many facets of what I do including web design and maintenance, website hosting, domain registrations and band management, gigs and events, inventory, etc. Prior to Bento I was re-inventing all the systems I needed from scratch (mysql + php) because Filemaker and MS Access always put me off.

Anyway, I've been a registered user since version 1 and have paid for upgrades to version 2 and 3. It's still worth every cent, but I don't feel like I am getting any kind of special treatment for being an early adopter.

People like to be rewarded for their loyalty and commitment!

if you're going to call something a customizable, personal database, how do you leave out the most BASIC customization options?

you can't even change the fonts without changing the entire theme. i just think i should be able to change these basic things if i'm expected to want to use the app every single day. looking on the filemaker forums, people request this over and over and they're repeatedly ignored. weird.

Bento 2 is just another one of those extremely attractive applications.

Improvement over v1, but still has bugs and the official policy is to only fix bugs that result in data loss. The unofficial policy is to fix some of the othrs and make it the next version and charge for it. So be prepared to have to pay to get those bugs fixed!

Version 1 was released less than a year ago, and Filemaker expects early adopters to buy this at full price? Come on, give us an upgrade path!!

Didn't seem to be much more than an AddressBook and iCal skin to me. Sure you can organize small household projects but it's limited.


It's a nice, simple database app. Granted, it's not as powerful as mySQL or FileMaker, but it's good for someone who doesn't know much about DBs, or just someone who wants some simple get-it-done stuff. And as a nice little benefit: you can export to a CSV file, which most apps can open (including if I remember correctly).

I looked at it briefly, and moved on. A master collection of databases tied to one computer is not going to cut it anymore. It might be useful for someone to catalog their shoe collection, recipes, or other inert (dead) data.

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