Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2010-08-09 || License: Shareware ($39 or $29) Developer: Nineblock Software | App Owner: bitnix

An Adobe Illustrator tool/plugin for creating and editing Bezier curve handles.

If you work with curves in Illustrator, you need BetterHandles:

• Select multiple handles, and collectively move, extend, rotate, or retract them.

• Extend or retract handles without changing their angles.

• Edit points numerically: anchor, in handle, out handle.

• Convert multiple points from corner to smooth or vice versa.

• Automatically extend new handles on multiple points.

• Intuitively reshape path segments, optionally constraining handle directions.

• Use slow-drag to divide the cursor movement for extremely precise moves.

• Equalize a point's handles.

• See all the handles on a path while editing it.

• Split a path at one or more points.

• Delete one or more points and close the path around them.

• Remove all redundant points on multiple paths.

• See when the cursor is over a handle, point, or path — without having to use Smart Guides.

• And more!

Note: This is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator. There's also a $29 private use/non-commercial license. (iusethis entry admin's comment.)

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1 Opinion

I find this to be immensively great to have. It makes the default convert tool completely redundant, adding tons of muscle to your path editing capabilities. My favorite, unsacrificable feature of BetterHandles is that it lets you move handles along their own axis. Which means that you may simply hold down the ALT key while extending or contracting the handles, to maintain their exact directions. Previously, this was an arcane practice, if not impossible.

Can't recommend this enough. Best in show.