Version: 0.992 || Release Date: 2013-12-11 || License: Freeware Developer: Andreas Hegenberg | App Owner: fuzzi

BetterTouchTool allows you to set app specific gestures for Macbooks touchpad and Magic Mouse

Brings you a whole lot of amazing new gestures and actions for your Magic Mouse and Macbook touchpad and (new) the magic trackpad! You won't believe how convenient and productive working with BTT can be.

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great, allows you to configure every mouse/keyboard even when they come without drivers. and if they come with drivers, install this instead, much better!

Please update to the newest release, I have suggested the newest version with changelog.

BTT makes the Magic Trackpad a joy to use, allowing many actions to be taken with simple gestures; and in some cases, hiding non-uniformity of application shortcuts, provided of course that one sets up appropriate per-application gestures.

For example, I've set up pinch and squeeze gestures to zoom app contents when possible, or otherwise zoom the whole screen.

I'm happy to report the incompatibility between Divvy and BetterTouchTool appears to have been fixed!

Divvy 1.2.2
BetterTouchTool 0.626
Snow Leopard 10.6.4

Being able to gesture almost everything is awesome. I've donated to hopefully encourage further development; please do the same if you like BTT, and can spare a few bucks (there's no set price, and it's not mandatory).

My one gripe is that there's a bug in the TipTap and special app switcher combination, which causes the selection in the switcher to rotate rapidly through running apps. It behaves like the tab key is being held down, since the arrow keys don't loop, and it's only going from left to right. Another thing I've noticed is that it only occurs when I haven't invoked the switcher in about five seconds.

Another detail is that the switching seems to follow the key repeat rate followed in the Keyboard preference pane in System Preferences. Repeating the command with the switcher up stops the repetition.

The author is aware of the problem, and it only occurs on some systems, he says. I hope the issue gets fixed. It's the only blemish on an otherwise perfect app.

great tool

Very good product. I use it to add gesture command to move to the top and bottom of a safari page, to invoke the Finder from anywhere. A lot of possibilities. A very good tool!

most powerful among all similar stuff so far.
author is very active.

wayyy better then "MagicPrefs" ;)

It's based on Multi Clutch code. Multi Clutch kind of died quite quickly - BTT has grown way beyond what MC could do already.

This is being developed VERY actively - think 3-4 incremental updates a day with the developer responding to bug reports and feature requests within hours. It's been a thrill following this app.

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