Version: 2.3.4 || Release Date: 2014-12-01 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Robert Rezabek | App Owner: robert_rezabek

BetterZip lets you quickly view the contents of an archive in a Finder like list view without extracting it. It lets you add files to archives and extract single files from archives.

BetterZip can extract and create fully WinZip compatible AES-256 encrypted zip files. It handles zip, sit, rar, 7-zip, tar, dd, bin, hqx, tgz, tbz2, gzip, bzip2, arj, lha/lzh, cab, iso, chm, rpm, deb, nsis, and cpio archives.

The preview drawer lets you quickly view images, PDF, HTML, RTF, and text files.

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@tbrizitsky Totally agree.
Command-line rar binary (29$) to add WinRar archives support to BetterZip can be found here:

I like sArchiver more

Loving this little utility. I've completely removed Stuffit from my Mac!

The new option "delete after 1.8 version" has a problem with rar files which have filenames encrypted. If you provide the wrong password, the file will be deleted anyway.

Hands down the best compressione tool on the mac. And close to perfection now with the 1.8 release, where the archives can be moved to the trash after being successfully extracted. My next feature would be the possibility to enqueue the files to extract.

Excellent application. First of all it may become a Mac version of WinRAR (thanks to supporting commandline RAR) and native support for creating 7ZIPs is excellent. Unlike Unarchiver it works fine with password-protected RARs and also lets you preview files before extracting. And finally, it works well as unarchiving tool even after expiration.
The best mac archiver I've seen so far.

Might want to give this a try:
It's free, and let's you preview/view files before you extract.

i forgot to mention, the encrypted archive feature, is very useful [as it was on some other archive apps i can remember from the windows days].

I've fallen in love---it was the use of RAR command line files as "Helpers" to compress that won me over. Haven't found anything that can touch this yet.

this is by far the most intuitive and functionally efficient compression application on the mac platform. i just made the switch from pc to mac about a week ago, after trying upwards of half a dozen archiving programs i finally settled on this one and it has proved to be an invaluable addition to the collection of software i have amassed thus far.

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