Version: 1.6.1 || Release Date: 2013-10-09 || License: BSD License App Owner: carlo

BibDesk is a graphical BibTeX-bibliography manager for Mac OS X. BibDesk is designed to help organize and use bibliographic databases in BibTeX .bib format. In addition to manual typing, BibDesk lets you drag & drop or cut & paste .bib files into the bibliographic database and automatically opens files downloaded from PubMed. BibDesk also keeps track of electronic copies of literature on your computer and allows for searching your database through several keys.

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I use BibDesk to manage my PDF library, and it's great for that. So the bibliography features are just a bonus for me.

Also, if you use BibDesk, be sure to check out the Firefox extensions zot2bib and Zotero; zot2bib allows you to use Zotero as a kind of add-on to BibDesk, exponentially expanding the number of ways that you can get references into BibDesk.

I love BibDesk! Currently, almost 900 people claim to use BibDesk. Only 460 people claim to use Word. Think about that for a second.

Here's a tip for BibDesk users: download BSP and add BibDesk references to it by clicking on + and choosing a .bdskcache file from the edu.ucsd.cs.mmccrack.bibdesk folder (search for it on your startup disk). Also add BibTeX files to it by clicking on + and choosing a .bib file. Now, whenever you use Spotlight, individual BibDesk publications will appear in a separate group in the search results, as will whole BibTeX files. You can also create Saved Searches (a.k.a. Smart Folders) in the Finder to search only your BibDesk publications.

It would not be going too far to say that BibDesk has revolutionized the way I manage a lot of my research and writing.

Prospective users should check out the templates and Applescripts available on the BibDesk wiki -- it's now possible to use BD fairly easily with Pages, Word, and several other conventional word processors. It's not just for TeX any more! :)

This is plain perfection. I had been using BibDesk for some time before I realize how powerful it is. Now all my bibliography is lying within it with the PDFs and everything organized to perfection. I have tried many bibliography managers, this one is the best one native for Mac OS X.

Outstanding, and constantly getting better. I don't use BibTex at all, but I use BibDesk constantly for indexing and managing bibliographic references.

BibDesk supports Unicode just fine (at least the current version does). It read my UTF-8 encoded .bib file, written on a FreeBSD (therefore not using Mac's line endings but UNIX's), without any problem.

I've tried lots of other bibliographer managers for Mac and nothing quite compares to this. For a research project I am currently working on I am using EndNote (I need to churn out documents in MS Word), but really all of my notes, links to documents, etc. were stored using this amazing app. Perhaps if the humanities world became a little more TeX-friendly... But I can only dream...

To use my bibtex library I had to
(1) Use mac line endings
(2) Use western (ascii) encoding