Big Mean Folder Machine

Version: 2.31 || Release Date: 2015-03-26 || License: Shareware ($19.95) Developer: Public Space | App Owner: factoryjoe

The Big Mean Folder Machine 2 brings structure to your file collections.

The Big Mean Folder Machine is an essential tool for everyone working with large file collections, including digital photographers, content creation, post-production or other creative professionals, system administrators, ...

Merge files from several folders into a single folder

Unify your entire file collection into a single folder which contains all the files from various locations without worrying about file name conflicts and other complications you'd rather not know about anyway.

Split files into several folders

  • based on a range of criteria: "100 files per folder", "1GB per folder", "one folder per first letter in the file name", ...
  • on multiple levels: first by year, then by month, finally by file type, ...
  • from several source folders or folder hierarchies at once

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Not freeware! The price is €14.95.