Version: 1.2.4 || Release Date: 2009-01-21 || License: Commercial with demo (34.95) Developer: Clickable Bliss | App Owner: zorn

Billable 2 is out, but under a new name. Please see this listing for ProfitTrain:

Billable is an application for Mac OS X that helps you keep track of the billable services you perform for a client and then lets you create and manage invoices based on those services.

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2 Opinions

This is a simple yet great app!

Other apps leave the invoicing process at the end of a large process (time tracking, etc). Billable is just for creating Invoices and keeping track of them.

After using it for a couple of hours, I realized that I was having a great month in terms of billings. Cool and relaxing to know!

Desired features: Quote builder and Multicompany option.

Excellent app -- Just what I needed as I started freelancing for the first time. Far better than my original solution of an overly-complex Excel spreadsheet! The joy of sitting on a conference call and watching your dollars and cents rack up in real-time cannot be beat!