Version: 3.6.1 || Release Date: 2010-04-20 || License: Commercial with demo ($35.95) Developer: Marketcircle | App Owner: akurtz

Send stunning invoices in minutes. Time and expense tracking has never been so easy.

The simple design and speed-tuned performance of Billings 2 gives you the power to create professional looking invoices from eye-catching templates, which can be fully customised to match your image. Use template slips to streamline regular item invoicing. Billings 2 is designed to save you time and help you prosper straight away.

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I bought this software as it showed a lot of promise. That was over 2 years ago. Subsequent improvement has been slow to nonexistent. Their online forum is full of users complaining of problems and requesting simple improvements. Staff rarely takes note. The software works OK, as long as you don't need to customize the templates at all. They are horrendous and extremely complex. Formatting is a nightmare. I regret my purchase and am looking to switch.

I've been using this app to manage my invoicing since 2008 and it's been awesome. The templating system is a bit clunky but for estimates and invoices it is a breeze. If only getting people to pay was as easy as generating invoices!

After using Billings during the trial period, I can say that I'm glad I didn't purchase it. Reporting interface is clunky and uses some weird language (F-script), and I couldn't get it to report daily hours (it's a known complaint on their forums). Also, it seems that as much as I tried changing the time increments to something other than 1 hour, I wasn't able to do it. I am switching over to iBiz, which has HTML reporting templates and it does non-hour time increments.

The price listed at the website is $39, not $59, with upgrades from v2 for $25. Also the description is based on Billings 2. Billings 3 has changed quite a bit.

Desperately need support for multiple currencies...

Desperately need better functionality for moments when you want to sell wares, i.e. not services normally paid by the hour.

Pretty awesome app so far. The generated invoices are the killer feature. They look awesome.

Interface for managing data is a bit clunky. Its not easy to manage comments on each slip without lots of clicks (comment editor should be a separate pane or something).

The menubar timer is growing on me. Very useful for tracking time.

Lovely program, but a rubbish store. After entering payment details into the kagi online store, you receive no confirmation email and have to wait over 24 hours to receive the license key that really should be generated immediately. Very disappointed.