Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2012-07-15 || License: Commercial with demo ($1.99) Developer: DMYTRO DENYS | App Owner: rtzj9

Health is the most important thing that we have. Biorhythms help us monitor our health. Bioritmus is a simple and powerful program that viewing your biorhythms. With Bioritmus you'll always know when your time has come.

· Physical biorhythm
· Emotional biorhythm
· Intellectual biorhythm
· Full-screen support (OS X Lion)
· Unlimited users (add all relatives & friends)
· Multi-Touch support (Scrolling, Pinch-To-Zoom)

People from birth is in three biological rhythms: physically, emotionally and intellectually. It does not depend on race or ethnicity of the person, nor of any other factors.

Physical biorhythm (23 days) determines the energy of person, his strength, stamina, coordination of movement. Emotional biorhythm (28 days) and causes the nervous system and mood. Intellectual biorhythm (33 days) defines the creative ability of the individual. Any biorhythm consists of two half-cycles, positive and negative.

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