Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2014-03-21 || License: Commercial with demo ($9.99) Developer: Timothy Murison | App Owner: joenoone

BitPerfect is a simple, easy to use, audiophile grade music player that works with iTunes to deliver the highest possible sound quality.

Unobtrusive, minimal UI
Bit perfect output
Exclusive (hog) mode
64-bit playback engine
Gapless playback
Full memory playback with double-buffering to ensure continuous playback of large files
Automatic sample rate switching
Choice of sample rate converters for up and down sampling
Dithered bit depth reduction
Integer mode (on supported DACs and supported versions of OSX)
Support for sound check
Playback from networked drives
FLAC support (via Fluke or other 3rd party iTunes FLAC importers)

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