Version: 0.3.3(32) || Release Date: 2007-05-24 || License: BSD License App Owner: kypt

Great universal binary torrent client for OSX based on libtorrent (NOT the transmission one like it is often assumed.)

Version Beta 0.1(25) has been released that now supports OiNK as well as fixing a bunch of other things:

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The author is trying to get it unbanned though, it does NOT use the transmission library like many people are saying. It uses libtorrent and he has managed to get his client unbanned from oink which is a BIG deal. He is trying, unlike the creator of Xtorrent that believes people should just pay him money for a crippled piece of software w/o him trying to fix it.

I found myself banned on some trackers.
So it's about as useful as transmission or xtorrent.

Better to stick with another client (like Azureus) that isn't banned by anyone.

Before this I used Transmission, but this one blows it out of the water, you must check it out.

Please remove personal comments from the app description and provide some real info.

I use this mostly just because Azureus sucks. Azureus slows down not only my computer (MacBookPro, something silly like a BitTorrent program shouldn't be slowing it down to unusable speeds) but my entire network (my wife's laptop can barely load a webpage when Azureus is running).

BitRocket is incredibly buggy, but it gives a more OSX-ey interface, which is a welcome change, and it's thin enough to be able to run it alongside other programs. Here's hoping it improves with age and stops crashing so often soon.

This is a legit, and no stolen code, open-source app. He DOES NOT use LIBTRANSMISSION, which Transmission uses, instead he uses LIBTORRENT. You can get the source here to see for your self.

so whats the final verdict on this app. does it have stolen source code or is it legit. ive been hearing great reviews and i would love to try it out.

Thhis is a really promissing app. It has features available nowhere else on the mac.

Hmm, I'm skeptical also from hearing all this but initial look at the binary file shows a lot of libtorrent related symbols in it, unless Transmission uses libtorrent I suppose...

The author has a history of "borrowing" code from other projects and not attributing them -- this is the same person responsible for "Xfactor" which lifted huge amounts of code from the Poisoned Project and ignored/violated the GPL.

In this instance all he had to do was attribute and acknowledge Transmission, and he didn't even manage that until forced. As far as the client itself goes, it's buggy, and since its based on Transmission it has all its negatives, including being banned from trackers for disobeying the announce time and stats reporting problems.

And why does one get the feeling its feature set will improve only when Transmission's does?

it uses the Tranmission library but it's performance is much worse and it's very buggy. the author makes a habit of leeching off others' code, and we bittorrent users hate leeches.

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