Version: 0.3.3(32) || Release Date: 2007-05-24 || License: BSD License App Owner: kypt

Great universal binary torrent client for OSX based on libtorrent (NOT the transmission one like it is often assumed.)

Version Beta 0.1(25) has been released that now supports OiNK as well as fixing a bunch of other things:

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It also won't allow me to connect despite forwarding my ports.
Very buggy software, and it's a shame the author won't acknowledge the original coders :(
Stick with transmission if you want a lightweight torrent program.

It was pulled because there is a belief (and probably a well-founded one) that the author of this app is stealing code from Transmission. That in it-self is not bad since Transmission's code is free, but he is required to acknowledge the fact that he IS using the transmission libraries, which he is not.

Apparently its second app this author has done that with. Kinda sux, but as long as he soon gives credit and fixes the bugs it'd be awesome. I really like it.

I can't even forward my ports from the defaults, which don't even allow for a connection. The interface looks good though (the icons need more of an aquaish feel though).

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