Version: 0.3.3(32) || Release Date: 2007-05-24 || License: BSD License App Owner: kypt

Great universal binary torrent client for OSX based on libtorrent (NOT the transmission one like it is often assumed.)

Version Beta 0.1(25) has been released that now supports OiNK as well as fixing a bunch of other things:

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Website is down :/

Bitrocket is a lightweight and good-looking bittorrent client for the Macintosh

As it's name implies, there should be no doubt that BitRocket is the fastest Torrent downloader. In my opinion, it's the prettiest torrent client, simple interface, with only the most important features.

It does have some bugs. The program can start to act funny downloading torrents several GB large. And I've had problems with it locking up.

In the end, this is the torrent client with the greatest potential. Continued support by the developer would be appreciated by the Mac community.

Great in-client search with the ability to easily add new sites to search. Nice interface reminiscent of uTorrent. Seems to be fast and stable. Transmission was freezing my internet connection. Still no native-OS X client that allows you to prioritize/select which files of a torrent you want to download. Hopefully this will be a coming feature. Great client over all.

The new Transmission is pretty damn good thus its has replaced BitRocket as my default torrent client. I'll be following the progress of this app, however.

Tried this out this morning and I like it. Obviously, still kind of buggy but it is on it's way to being a great client. I'm so tired of using Azureus and I'm weary of the libtransmission based clients.

I have NEVER seen a BitTorrent client as fast as this one! I'm currently getting 850kb/s from 28 (118) peers and 48 (189) on a Demonoid tracker. I've never seen over 200kb/s with Azureus and Transmission just plain crawls (not to mention it takes an eternity to even get started).

I'd like to see some changes, however, the most obvious being to interrupt the auto sleep on my PLUGGED-IN PowerBook if there's an active transfer.

On the whole, I'm extremely impressed.

Promising indeed. It's already better than Transmission in my opinion (as an Azureus veteran) though there are a few obvious missing features and kinks. But for such an early version this really shines.

Hopefully in time and at 1.0 it will become "the one". :D

Well, I just downloaded a torrent with it, and it went off without a hitch. Really nice features and UI. The main thing I really wish it had is the ability to selectively download individual files within a torrent. I guess I'll have to keep Azureus around a little longer. It's definitely got my hopes up, though.

I really like this app, it works for me and works with oink. =)

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