Bits on Wheels

Version: 1.0.6 || Release Date: 2006-07-10 || License: Freeware App Owner: neko

Bits on Wheels is the first 100% Native BitTorrent client for the Macintosh. It is completely written in Objective-C and Cocoa. It is also the first client to show a realtime 3D view of your downloads.

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7 Opinions

I'm having fun with Transmission now on day 2 of a test on my Intel Mini to see if it can displace Azureus / BitTyrant as my torrent box of choice. No crashes, but some niggles over how to force rechecks. Definitely lighter on my system, and alas much more alive than Bits on Wheels development wise and more Mac-like too.

I await the day there is a Mac torrent client which can rule in every category.

In my experience, Transmission crashed a lot, and I couldn't use my computer while also running Azureus because of the Java overhead. Bits on Wheels works great.

great app...just wish it was still being developed....its a shame

This app is somewhere in between the excelent, mac like Transmission and the java written and feature ritch Azureus.

I like it, the 3d features are nice as oppsed to other torrent programs for the mac. What features does transmission have in comparison? What makes it better?

Try "Transmission"

Excellent program. Even though it is Mac native, it isn't Mac like. The interface needs a bit more polish in my opinion.